What I Do

I am a Student at Base Camp Coding Academy and I am training to be a Junior Full-Stack Developer. In May 2020 I hope to be working on a great team and building reliable software.


  • Live Code: Small Business Site

    Code on Github: Small Business Site
    Description: Small Frontend Project. Fake website that is intended to sell salsa.
    Soon to be recreated inside of a Django Application so that you may make the purchase and see the transactions that you make.

  • CodeAcademy Recreate

    Small Recreate of a course banner on CodeAcademy

  • Hacker Noon Recreate

    Small Recreate of the tags located on the HackerNoon Website

  • Join Dev Recreate

    Small Recreate of the banners on the JoinDev Website.

What I Know

  • Python

  • HTML5

  • CSS

  • javascript

  • CodePen

  • Visual Basic

Work Experience

I worked as a busboy at a place called Fillup With Billups. I picked up a lot of real skills there such as patience,handling money, working under high stress, and quick effiecent decison making skills.

Programming Background

I have been interested in pursuing a career in Software Development for about 3 years now. I have dipped my feet into a few languages and become decent at python in particular.